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Calcium Stearate description

Product         Name:    Calcium Stearate
Place     of    Origin:     Panjin City,Liaoning Province
Molecular Formula:    C36H70CaO4
Molecular   Weight:    607.03
CAS                     No.:    1592-23-0
HS                        No.:    2915709000
EC                        No.:    216-472-8

Chemical Structure:
Execution standard:
Q/LJ.C001-2010.Company standard of Liaoning Jiakai Refined Chemicals Co. , Ltd.
Production Properties:
This product is white particle. It is soluble in hot ethanol, hot ether, hot toluene, benzene,turpentine and other organic solvents, also soluble in hot pyridine; insoluble in water,chloroform, acetone, etc.;it will be decomposed when heated to 400℃ or mixed with acids or alkali. It has hygroscopicity and good long-term thermal endurance. It is combustible and non-toxic.
1.The product is white particle, no dust, no pollution to the environment of production or usage,no side effect on operating staff.
2.With good fluidity, it is easy to add and measure;it can not block during production or usage so that it can help to improve the efficiency of primary product processing.
3.It has low absorbency,and is easy to dry so it has little content of water, it will help to improve the quality of primary product.
4.With high bulk density,it is easy to package and transport.
This product can be used as heat stabilizer and lubricant for plastic,halogen absorbent for polyolefin, mold release agent for plastic;plasticizer for rubber; waterproofing agents for construction and textile; flatting agent for paint; thickening agent for lubricants and lubricant for pencil lead, etc.
1. It is used as heat stabilizer for polyolefins and other plastics, it has a direct contribution to the color stability and corrosion ability of the polyolefin .
2. It is used as halogen absorbent of polypropylene to eliminate the negative effect to color and stability from residual catalyst.
3. It can improve the speed of gelation when together used with the baso-lead salt and lead soap in hard product.
4. It also can be used as lubrication or processing additives to improve the machinability in the process of extrusion (film, fiber, profile, etc.) of polyolefin, polyamide, styrene and rubber, and also the process of compression moulding.
5. It is a kind of mould release: used as mould release agent of thermoplastic ,thermoset rubber products such as polyurethane foam and unsaturated polyester.
6. It is used as plasticizers in rubber processing, can soften natural rubber and the whole process of rubber , no effect on vulcanization.
7.It can be used as textile waterproofing agents, flatting agent of paint, plasticizers of the manufacturing of plastic disc. Also used in pencil manufacturing and medicine, perfume industry.
Composite paper bags, 25kg/bag.
Storage and Transportation:
This product is not dangerous chemical; Storage and transportation should be isolated from the source of fire and moisture.
Hazard Codes:             Xn
Risk CatagoryCode:   20/21/22-36/37/38
Safety Instruction:      22-24/25-36-26
RTECS No.:                    WI3000000
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