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Liaoning Jiakai Refined Chemicals Incorporated Corporation Limited is a professional factory which produce Antioxidant and other plastic additives.It is located in Xinli Industrial park, Panjin city, Liaoning province, China, and covers an area of 54.516 thousand square meters with registered capital of 50 million Yuan (RMB).Our company mainly undertakes the production of all kinds of antioxidants, Ethylene Bis Stearamide, heat stabilizer and a variety of composite additives adding to production process of rubber and plastic. We provide main products such as antioxidant168, antioxidant 1010,Antioxidant 1076,Antioxidant 561. Stearate products, Ethylene Bis Stearamide, composite additives B215,B225,B900 and all kinds of composite accessory ingredients.

Our company has been committed to the research and development of new performance of additive products and innovation of manufacturing technique, has overcomed the world’s technical problems of the granulation of powder additives with many years of research and exploration: the successful research of prefabricated spray granulation of ABS plastic composite additive technology (the technology has been authorized a national patent of invention in 2004),granular stearate and its preparation method and application (the patent application has been accepted by the State Intellectual Property Office), high melting point crystalline compound rotary jet granulation technology and environment-friendly synthetic new technology of antioxidant 168 and antioxidant 1010. All of our company’s additive products are uniform bead granules of high purity and low fugitive constituent, good fluidity, no dust pollution with the usage of these technologies.It overcomes all the shortcomings of powder additives, ensures production and equipment of rubber and plastic for continuous high efficiency operation and ensures the quality of rubber and plastic products and quality stability, ensures that the manufacturing plant and users achieve cleaner and more civilized production.

Uphold the spirit as " responsible, pragmatic, exceeding", the management philosophy of " the direction serving as marketing, the priority for the quality", Jiakai company will shoulder the responsibility of reviving the local economy, returning the society, continuing taking the road of combining production, teaching and research development of industry, hammering at the domestic and international markets, to achieve the great development with rapid pace by leaps and bounds. The company will become a leading enterprise in the area of Chinese chemical additives.

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